NYC Jadecation Part I



This past weekend, Will and I decided to make a trip to New York for a much-needed break to unwind and do a little shopping. We stayed at the gorgeous hotel Marlton near Washington Square Park. We used to live here in Harlem near Columbia which was a fun cute neighborhood. I miss strolling downtown by the Hudson river and window shopping in the village. We would hang in Sheep’s Meadow in Central Park all day, art gaze in Soho and when we had a sweet tooth, we hunted for bakeries in Chelsea. Just walking everywhere and nowhere is why I fell in love with New York. It’s a city that is romanticized in the movies and now I understand why-the buzz of the streets, the people, the food and the fashion are what makes this legend of a city great. There is indeed something about this city that tugs at your heartstrings and leaves you breathless.

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Fashion Identity Crisis-Transitioning from Minimalist to a Maximalist

Minimalist to a Maximalist.png


I must admit that I am having a bit of a fashion identity crisis regarding my style generally speaking. I am a dedicated minimalist as you can tell, but in the past six months or so, I’ve been having a fit about my style. I guess my style is boring me to death and I’m ready for a fresh and new approach. I’m not really sure what my style is anymore (if you can believe it). My boyfriend thinks that I’m not going through a fashion identity crisis, he says its growth and releasing the bonds and shackles of a certain mode of style. He insists it’s not a negative thing; it’s an ongoing process. In a sense, am I in a fashion rut? Have I been playing it safe for all these years. And what do I do about it. Plus, I am a little apprehensive about dipping my toe into the pool of a newly emerging style shift now that I created this blog. Also, perhaps a fear of making a mistake or as they call it a fashion faux pas.

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