Coachella Bound

Let's do a brief meditation exercise, close your eyes and try to imagine you're in one of the coolest festivals on the planet (maybe even in the universe), and picture images of a desolate desert, mountainous peaks, vast and cosmic skies, harmonious hymns, palm trees, contemporary art, tasty bites and wall-to-wall riots of laughter. What's [...]

Leopard Swag

Current status: swag, swag, swag, and more swag. Pow! That's what leopard does to a girl. This leopard structured blazer is so sick, right! Courtesy of Tibi and rendered in one of the most coveted and ubiquitous animal prints ever, leopard. I must divulge the immediate appetite for everything leopard until further notice. I can't [...]

Rebel At Heart

Many a time ago, in my youth perhaps an angry, music blastin' rebellious teen I was-I used to dress similar to this. My boyish bravado (as being a tomboy) made a statement as to how I felt at that time. I still have that inner (pain-in-the-ass) stubborn yet fiercely loyal teenager inside of me. It [...]