5 Trends Of 2017

As fashion week quickly approaches, let’s talk trends for Spring/Summer 2017. Various trends were the same and some were different. This fashion season’s woman is a bold and gutsy attention grabber, an unapologetic feminist while staying true to her femininity. Take a scroll down to see the top 5 trends of Spring/Summer 2017 and what you should be wearing come Spring to stay fashion-forward.






Every show, from New York to Paris, amplified the top hemisphere of our body once again and exalted every part of the sleeve region in a few reworked shirts to boot. Some old and new iterations contained bold shoulder pads, flirty flared cuffs, structured or voluminous sleeves followed by narrow and slim cuffs which reveal just enough of skin of the wrists, according to Marc Jacobs.






Stripes continue to rule the collections, eloquently presented, from maximized to minimized, executed in vertical and horizontal lines. It permeates sophistication in rich luxe fabrics and textures. Miu Miu’s use of stripes clarifies a chic narrative illustrating an elongated silhouette and pragmatically wearable even with two distinctive stripes. A definite crowd pleaser no matter what century you live in. Stripes are always a style mainstay.






Spring and Summer 2017 girl is also a temptress with interestingly transparent details and patterns on see through frocks. The allure of lace, chiffon or sheer materials to any girl, designers never fail to keep fresh and seductive. Sexy!






The one critical decision or turning point of an outfit is to accentuate the waist with a belt in my opinion. It also gives shape. The waist is one of the focal points this season, from over-sized (Balenciaga) to bustier belts and some were knotted up. Belts are, without a doubt, a sure thing in today’s woman.





Swim wear is hot this season and better than ever. Some swim wear is sporty and some are feminine, smartly matched and layered with unexpected pieces, regardless which show you were at.

Courtesy to nymag.com/photos

Velvet Sex

For the Fall, opt for velvet sex as a sure way to get the blood boiling this season. Modern and trendy iterations of the lust-worthy fabric prove that velvet is still just as sexy as ever, frequently rendered in deep rich tones guaranteed to make you cry out for more. Yes, (I know) it sounds like me and velvet should get a hotel room right? To seduce you more, it meshes well no matter your style or taste, from modest to gaudy. If you feel as passionate about velvet as I do, today is your lucky day. Knowing you can’t resist the temptation, I’ve culled a few steamy velvet pieces to get you in the mood. Off the record, this is just foreplay.



RedVelvetBag.jpg  velvetscarf    saintlaurentbag

velvetpants  Velvetchoker.jpg         Velvetpillow.jpg

VelvetShoes.jpg  velvettop  velvetdress