Silhouette Bonanza & Piercing Detail


Besides feeling like I just stepped off the boat and onto the pier in Sorrento, Italy, who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day. I’m a bit of a naughty rule breaker anyway (sorry,not sorry) as I sit here in my pajamas typing this in the middle of the day. Hey, I didn’t say I was perfect. White is not the easiest color to wear, being extremely careful not to spill any type of liquid or chocolate on yourself really says how far your willing to go and succeed in your sartorial responsibilities. White garments should have spill insurance, wouldn’t that be nice (no, seriously) wouldn’t it be?  All things being said, I love wearing white or black-and-white-a total classic.

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Baggage Claim

Claim your bag this summer to step up your game in the sartorial department. Bags are just waiting to be grabbed to polish off your summer look whether you love to rock a bucket bag, crossbody, satchel or clutch. You name it, these seasonal bags are begging to be paired with your summer outfit.



Chloebag   SeebyChloebag  ClairVbag      CLEObag.jpg  Topshopbag.jpgProenzershoulerbag  Guccibag.jpg    RebeccaMinkoffbag.jpg  Proenzershoulerbag.jpg LoeflallRandlerbag.jpg