“Never Stop” Welly Merck & Me


Style fans anonymous, TIME for our next meeting? You know the drill.
What better way to introduce the first collaboration here on Always Chasing Rainbows than to share my latest discovery.
This month, I showed my jewelry box a little TLC (thanks to Welly Merck) and the team was kind enough to ask me to feature the brand’s iconic watches on this side of the rainbow along with my many upon many social media outlets. Needless to say, I nearly had a stroke reading the email and may have possibly fallen off the bed. Hey, no laughing please. I digress. Me and Welly Merck, a digital (watch, oops) match made in heaven. I was thrilled. So I opted for this immaculate beauty called the Classic Roma, it’s black, sleek and dangerously chic; though impeccably modest-not really one to don ostentatious bling like Diddy. This exquisitely crafted piece is held together by dark leather interchangeable straps and a polished yet refined watch face centralized in between. A perennial homage to minimalism with a touch of femininity, it’s a one-of-a-kind gem signifying elegance and sophistication, contemporary yet timeless; perfectly made for the modern woman. Office-wear wrist game done right! Try saying that three times fast. And did I mention affordable too? Luxury in all its glory.
Speaking of Welly Merck, it was founded by a couple (Welly and Merck) who soon established the Welly Merck line of watches after finishing college. Every watch is expertly designed and carefully curated for functionality joined with an approachable tone of simplicity. The Swiss brand that I’ve come to know and love developed these remarkable creations which were profoundly symbolic of their struggles, tenacity and determination it took to get here. The core values of the brand are very much steeped in where they come from, and what they’ve overcome which is something I personally identified with. The inspiring message spoke volumes to those in pursuit of their dreams, for those who persist, who never stop striving, who never stop believing, who never quit, who are determined, who never stop chasing their goals and those who never stop chasing rainbows. Point being: “NEVER STOP”. Believe in yourself. A powerful message indeed, effectively rekindling my love affair with watches.
The best part? Welly Merck wants to hook you up too for all you dreamers and watch lovers out there just in TIME (hehehe) for the holidays, birthdays and anniversaries; hell maybe even an early Valentine’s day gift. Follow me on Instagram: alwayschasingrainbows1, follow Welly Merck and you will find a discount code in my Welly Merck post to receive 15% off the style of your choosing. Aren’t the Swiss the best? Plus, their customizable too, you’ll never run late again. You will treasure your watch always. I know I will. WATCH-me. Hehehe. Oh come on, last watch pun, I promise.


Now, this meeting is adjourn, or whatever…







Blazer:Mango  Pants:Zara  Blouse:Mango  Skirt:Stella McCartney (similar here)  Shoes:Valentino (similar here) Bag:Marc Jacobs  Sunglasses:Rayban






Go long, baby!

Back to basics with the iconic raincoat simply known as the classic trench, a fashion crowd staple and the best invention since sliced bread. Well no that’s not true, denim is. It’s no secret that the tried-and-true neutral is the perfect transitional topper for Spring, meant to be flung over any and all outfits no matter the occasion. Light and cozy, it comes with its very own lighting team and personal wind machine brought to you by the climate of Los Angeles in vain hopes of favorable scenarios of bumping into an ex. Although…perhaps in current reality, converting it into a throw blanket wrapped over silk pajamas never leaving bed isn’t a bad idea either. No downside whatsoever. Necessary in most cases.
Primarily emphasizing on long and loosely fitted shapes where proportions are a key element to this silhouette. It works best keeping it simple yet balanced with a fitted ribbed top sandwiched between a gargantuan coat and floor grazing wide-legged jeans, virtually remaining a repeat offender among the rotation as of late. A bit demure-but effective office uniform. Take a gander at some lengthy basics that will boost the look generating a strong ensemble. Mix’n’match everyday separates bringing your wardrobe to life without breaking the bank. Go long, baby! Causal finishes relating to sneakers/net bag signal an unconstrained tone relevant to California; cue my morning coffee run look. Caution: To all you haphazard eaters out there like myself, (nemesis to white denim) avoid wearing your avo-on-toast for breakfast.
Because Tide-to-go is your best friend…


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