Honey, I’m Home

In need of a change, my journey to the city of angels started about a year ago when I packed my bags, dog and (oh yeah, I forgot) the guy I call “boyfriend” and drove across country to California and never looked back. Bouncing from state to state, we dug our heels in and immersed ourselves into gypsy life driving on the open road; singing in unison while bopping our heads to the best road soundtrack ever. Culinary highlights included drive thru or local diner; loading up on carbs like we never ate before (sorry not sorry), mad-lib games between rest stops and bunking in cozy little motels. All in all, not too shabby. I cannot help but think back fondly. The perfect road trip in a nutshell. I highly recommend the experience at least once in your life.
  Fast forward a year later, life as we know it got a whole lot brighter west of the Mississippi. Unfortunately, living here in Los Angeles, you’re surrounded by tan, fit and happy people (you used to poke fun at) til it starts to rub off a little. For instance, I swear the invasion of the body snatchers took over my body and force-fed me my first kale smoothie post Pilates workout (a notorious LA ritual), leaving me feeling like a true Angelino. I then proceeded to walk home in shame like many east coast born LA residents before me. A born easterner myself, who is genetically predisposed to hate the west since birth, I vowed (that day in fact) to always remember my roots of speaking fluent sarcasm and to carry my designer bag full of cynicism.
Although much has changed, my personal style hasn’t. Spring (or LA for that matter) cannot keep me from donning my go-to uniform of head-to-toe black underneath a plaid printed jacket; simple yet effective to further melt into downtown LA, sporting my lucky raw hemmed denim, patent leather ankle boots; accompanied by my fav accessories; Le specs and Filt net bag. Believe or not, Los Angeles is chilly enough for outerwear.
Now some of you might recognize me from the previous blog, Everyday Renee. It was my first concept of learning the amount of work it takes to create digital content. Initially, when I got the opportunity to move here, I jumped at the chance ultimately deciding new zip code, new name…Always Chasing Rainbows. It is still dedicated to my aunt Renee. Sorry for the prolonged absence, as you can see it took a whole year to finally get my shit together. Honey, I’m home.
P.s. Sorry I didn’t get a close up of the boots, next time-still a little rusty.
Jacket:Zara T-shirt:Everlane   Denim:Mother  Bag:Lint   Sunglasses:Le Specs  Boots:Mango (old, here)

Peek-A-Boo Sleeves (or rather hands)

Easing into Fall donning my navy pinstripe over-size shirt in one of my favorite color palettes of the season-shades of blue harmonized with white accents gives me a tickle in my pants. Needn’t bother mentioning the wide cuffs, as you can see here, they consume my sleeves leaving no room for practicality. And by practical, I mean obviously doing anything with my hands, perhaps eating sushi with chopsticks, or brushing my teeth (don’t ask me why I would brush my teeth in this shirt). Oh, how I miss my hands. Regardless, jumbo cuffs are wicked and unquestionably worth the cyber space. Details will propel you to stay ahead of the fashion curve. Furthermore, I fully intend to stay committed to indulging (moderately, of course) in refreshing new crops of sleeve play, stripes and frayed hems. High in fiber, low in carbs. Nothing but healthy dressing here, doc!

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