French Look 1: Stripes & Leather


We love their art, we love their culture, their signature perfume, food and their incredible style, the ultimate french girl are sartorial queens in all things fashion. Apart of the fashion elite, the french girl is always one step ahead of us, we revere and worship her like the stylish goddess she is. Their style trademarks includes ballet flats, a red lip, just fucked hair, a silk blouse and the perfect quintessential trench-resulting in an effortless feminine flair. However, they come with a lot of fashion rules of do’s and dont’s. The mythical french girl keeps us guessing on how they think and dress. Trends come and go, but french style seems to always be classic and sophisticated. Initially, looking from an objective point of view, I have many questions about the french woman and what makes her unique. The french woman carries a certain air of mystery, passion and attitude. What is it about the french woman we love? Is it their style, their culture, or their confidence we admire? Whatever they do, they get it right. We regular homo-sapiens constantly strive for the ever so perfect Parisian chic.

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