Faceless Cowgirl & London Fashion Week Talk


Reached my quota of the year for the most drunken night ever recorded in recent history, retaining (more like suppressing) no memory of it, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day has long been a standing holiday tradition to me and those near and dearest. The current amnesia is starting to decay to recapture the hideous flashbacks of when I was sashaying around in very few layers of clothing in frigid temps holding Jack (my sidekick, Jack Daniels, we go way back). In this instance, however, I had realized I forgot my coat back at the house. Somehow, I managed to defeat the hypothermia with my old man’s fleece sweatshirt, effectively concluding that a statement coat is necessary for an ensemble at all times, especially if your life depends on it. Cue: the most phenomenal cow print vintage faux-fur coat to date, worn with a graphic tee, cropped flares, sock boots, statement bag and a hat. Cool vibes take many forms, including a faceless cowgirl.

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Political, Vinyl And Sleeve Statements From NYFW!



Oh, hello my darlings.

This past fashion month spanning across all four cities of New York, London, Milan and now Paris have proven to be a big blob of blur, already. No doubt, fashion fatigue has set in,  evidently, from days upon weeks of binge-watching runways on Vogue.com. Possible side effects include red, itchy, and irritated eyes, headaches from staring at my macbook screen too long, and stiff and inflamed joints also known as arthritis with every click of the mouse, perusing every look weighing in on key trends for Fall 2017 ready to wear.

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