My Ode To Boudoir Dressing



What is it about the bedroom we crave (I mean besides sex, you guys! Come on! You have a dirty little mind, don’t you!). This isn’t that type of blog. Now back to topic. Oh yeah, wait a minute, now I remember, I must have some kind of sartorial amnesia. Was it me or was virtually every fashion designer, editor or blogger ramming the trend of boudoir dressing down our throats for past few months, so much so that I began to have hives the moment I saw someone wearing a slip dress. Much to my surprise, the trend finally wore me down. Or shall I say peaked my interest. Immediately, I combed through my closet picking and sifting through random knits and dresses (and making a fucking mess of clothes right in the middle of my bedroom floor, by the way). It wasn’t pretty. Needless to say, I’m disgusted with myself, the trend of boudoir dressing has absolutely swept me off my feet. I have officially joined the natives. Now I feel like one of those people being called home to the mother ship. However, let me state that trends do tend to spiral out of control, not to mention the overkill, too much trend over-exposure and how I loathe it, but I will say this after a little knit layering in my closet that day, I caved, totally and completely. I buckled under pressure. Yup, I sure did and you know what, I would do it again.

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