Tase Gallery

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Tase Gallery is the future of Art, Community & Retail. 

A modern form of immersive in-person purchasing through installation and storytelling. 

Education of design chain processes, reimagining the reality of commerce, as well as pivotal artists exhibitions

Claude Home is a New York based design studio and collector of rare mid-century modern furniture. Gordan Winarick, who is is frequently shown at Tase, extends beyond painting to include sculpture & acting. Self-taught, his non-traditional use of materials and methods create a visual language that is as emotionally charged as it is personal.

The meditative moment of reflection, a pause, interruption with intention. Tase Gallery, Claude Home and Gordon Winarick bring you a dialogue between art and design. A visual prompt that promotes a mental interlude. A moment to be aware of the conversation between art, furniture, and space.

The first exhibition is curated by Jesse Andrews who will define the tone of Tase Gallery and why it exists. Installations span from chandelier of rings glistening in the sun, visitors digging through sand to find a letter block with their initial, looking at detail beads through microscopic of water, a live scanning activation with a home memory, and a projector looping start to finish how a graphic was made while next to it sits the piece of clothing it belongs on.

As an homage to Black History Month, a pedestals welcomes viewers to flip through curated books on race, injustice, art & music. The installation allows them to sticky note their favorite quote and explain what emotion it evokes, anonymously.

Come visit us!

Tase Gallery

8323 Melrose Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90069


Monday – Friday 10-4

Saturday & Sunday 11-4

Closed on Thursdays.