Coachella Bound

Let’s do a brief meditation exercise, close your eyes and try to imagine you’re in one of the coolest festivals on the planet (maybe even in the universe), and picture images of a desolate desert, mountainous peaks, vast and cosmic skies, harmonious hymns, palm trees, contemporary art, tasty bites and wall-to-wall riots of laughter. What’s the first thing you think of? No, really I want to know. Mine was relaxing in the grass with the sun on my face. How about you? Forging new and lasting memories or experiences is what the essence of Coachella is all about.

When it comes to style for the upcoming festival season, whether it be casual, feminine, boho or edgy, keep it simple. Less is more. You don’t want to look like a walking cliché or look too overdone. If you stick to one outfit formula, I promise you, you will have loads of stares and some haters. Keep walking, smile and dust off your shoulders, ladies!

TopshopBlackRoseShorts.jpg      FryeCombatBoot.jpg     MadeWornTee.jpg   MangoDenimJacket   FreePeopleBodysuit.jpg  TopshopShorts.jpg CommonProjectsSneakers.jpg   UrbanOutfittersSunglasses.jpeg    SeebyChloéBag.jpg .jpeg RealisationDress.jpg     IllestevaSunnies.jpg       ShashiEarrings.jpg DodoBarOrTop.jpg .jpeg               DVFsandals.jpg           DodoBarOrSkirt.jpg

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