Political, Vinyl And Sleeve Statements From NYFW!



Oh, hello my darlings.

This past fashion month spanning across all four cities of New York, London, Milan and now Paris have proven to be a big blob of blur, already. No doubt, fashion fatigue has set in,  evidently, from days upon weeks of binge-watching runways on Vogue.com. Possible side effects include red, itchy, and irritated eyes, headaches from staring at my macbook screen too long, and stiff and inflamed joints also known as arthritis with every click of the mouse, perusing every look weighing in on key trends for Fall 2017 ready to wear.

Meanwhile, NYFW kicked off with a burst of old and new re-imagined charms comprised of crimson dreams, stockbroker grey plaid prints on tailored menswear interpretations, sumptuous neutrals, alluring florals, and out-of-this-world lush fur coats. But low and behold, a deluge of political and social statements took center stage given our uncertain political climate. Two examples, Public School sent political remarks pertaining to Trump’s presidential campaign slogan “Let’s Make America Great Again”on hats and jackets down the runway. Prabal Gurung issued feminist phrases on tees to end his show, citing “I am an immigrant,” and “Nevertheless, she persisted” on T-shirts. All designers clearly utilizing their platform to address social issues this country is recently facing. The times are certainly reflecting fashion right now. All this comes surprisingly, considering the fact that the fashion industry is publicly known for exclusivity in cases of bloggers, beauty standards, or promoting healthy body images for girls or counting on one hand, how many plus size models grace the cover of magazines like Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar. We must reexamine our own WORDS, perspectives and sensibilities, effectively asking ourselves, what we can do to reform and enact these revelations into positive action or progress will decline in the field of fashion technical science for men and women. Integrity and opportunity is needed in the industry and all the speeches or statements in the world will not change that. Which begs the question, what can we (the fashion community) do to help other women advance in the field thus developing and redefining our own freedom and liberation in our lives? Isn’t that the very definition of feminism? Choices, equality and opportunity. Lots of misconceptions swirling around about what the word feminism means. Hypocrisy aside, the support and solidarity of the feminist messages were felt among the crowd.

As a mental escape, I refocused on conceptual designs, I took notice of Thom Browne, a designer who notably has a propensity for the visionary, which he invoked again with this lineup of clean proportions, receiving instant notice and acclaim from his frozen lake production (hence ice skates footwear). Zeroing in on a strict emphasis on masculine rather than feminine (abstaining from any dresses at all), the collection  consisted of dashing grey tailored suits followed by fur trimmed outerwear, novelty fabrications, nimble themes, penguin motifs, patchwork argyles textiles, and eccentric puffer jackets. I, myself pondered if the designer himself, padded himself in a locked, dark and dank cell with eyes taped open, watching Batman Returns with Danny Devito as Penguin, over and over and over again. Long story short, I loved it. Manrepeller also agreed it jolted us back from the dead in fashion week. Everything else, seemed to meld together for me and Leandra Medine, so to speak. All jokes aside, NYFW was fascinating to say the least.

Not only do I support Thom Browne and generating political statements, I fully support the sleeve movement too. If you haven’t integrated the statement sleeve into your wardrobe by now, get on the bandwagon ladies, immediately if not sooner. In sub-zero degree temps, winter looks can either be prosperous or can become dull or tedious, for even the most skillful dresser. To nail the edgy vibe, grab an of-the-moment multi-print faux-fur coat, a trend-forward piece like the cozy soft knit presumably with a purposeful sleeve (or bell sleeve in my case) and don’t forget the dose of fearlessness to release your inner dominatrix rocking the vinyl. You can do it. I know you can. It didn’t take much convincing myself to wear them and I bet it won’t take much to convert you either. Did I persuade you?

Therein lies my report of New York fashion week and my daily outfit assessment. What shows from NYFW did you like?

P.s. Up next London. To be continued folks.

Happy Monday!






Coat:Zara Sold Out (here)  Sweater:Mango  (here or here) Pants:Zara Sold Out (here) Sunglasses:Ray-Ban  Boots:Prada old (here)

17 thoughts on “Political, Vinyl And Sleeve Statements From NYFW!

  1. I don’t think it’s daring at all. I think it’s a perfect outfit for the weather starting to warm up a bit. I live in the Bay Area and we need those layers just in case. The jacket tho…😍😍


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