Statement Earrings Manifesto

I, hereby announce my public declaration for statement earrings hence the manifesto bit. Casual yet unexpected are the key reasons for adding statement earrings to your look. Vintage looking jeans, a graphic tee, a printed blazer, white ankle boots paired with eccentric glitz on your ears, is a guaranteed way to deliver your best fashion-forward look to date. Besides, let’s have fun with our jewelry again. Here, I’ve curated nine statement earrings in assorted price points, to make a fashionable impact no matter where you go. Holla!


2 thoughts on “Statement Earrings Manifesto

  1. Love it! Specially the trend of wear irregular in both sides. I remember of me making my own back in 2003. I saw a brand that I couldn’t afford and I made a copy and at that time one side was smaller than other side and I received lots of compliments when I was wearing it . The Sattelite Crystal dangling one is my fave. Xoxo Have a great weekend!


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