Vinyl Valentine’s Day


What do you get a girl who hates cards, flowers, candy and all things resembling Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day? CHANEL! I wish. Still saving unfortunately. Some couples celebrate by going to a romantic dinner or a long weekend getaway somewhere. No, instead, I scheduled a root canal and plan to sleep for fourteen hours straight while my longtime boyfriend prepares for his fantasy baseball league. Now that’s real romance. Fashion isn’t all glamorous 24/7? On the contrary, I don’t conform to such trivial holidays. I’m the only girl in the world who couldn’t care less for the hallmark invented holiday. Hey, you have the right to ignore Valentine’s day, I say. Am I right girls?

So anyway, tell me your plans? I’m nosy, I knooow. Or, in this instance, what do you plan to wear? Then again, considering it is February and quite nippy outside, you want to stay warm while reverberating naughty and polished vibes at the same time. Note, the texture of the vinyl A-line skirt, sock boots and vintage 1950’s patent leather bag. Let’s just say, I like to mix disobedience with regular wardrobe staples. Can’t help but confess my fond attachment to vinyl. Vinyl’s shiny smoothness implies indecency and obscene and lewd behavior; with an edge, while paired with a supple red knit with an oh-so-soft texture, pardon my disorderly conduct. Its the vinyl speaking. I have no control, I swear. Along for the ride, my everyday staple, a structured menswear inspired black coat to balance out the look in a subtle way. Less S&M, more style for an instantly chic result.
Sporadic and cunning details of hardware appear, from the sculpted earrings and necklace, to the skirt circle zipper and bag handle, peppers the look with an industrial tone. Even tomboys like me, have a love affair with jewelry. Marilyn did.
P.s. NYFW is underway, who is loving the new collection from Proenza Schouler besides me? Any favs from New York Fashion Week yet?
Is Valentine’s Day over yet?

Coat:Sandro old (here and here)  Sweater:J.Crew  Skirt:Zara (here)  Boots:Sold out Mango  Sunnies:Celine  Bag:Vintage (here) Necklace:Sold Out (here) Asos  Earrings:Mango

17 thoughts on “Vinyl Valentine’s Day

  1. I’m right there with ya! So I’m a single gal. So there was definitely no chance of cards, flowers, chocolate, nothing. However I did get a little me time today with one of my favorite people, someone who I love and trust…. my long time BFF and hairdresser! I spent a the better half of my day in yoga pants a grey and black top getting my hair done and I have to say I am quite pleased. 🙂 It has so far been a good day. Oh! I did enjoy a venti iced vanilla latte with caramel sauce as well.
    Happy Valentines Day!
    XOXO Anna! 💋


  2. I actually liked the valentines day idea of sharing love but my bfs never appreciate me enough to show me Any special one that day


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