Valentine’s Day For Him

Style applies to the guys too, yes, even on Valentine’s Day. The one day you have to sleep with them among the married or long-term relationship variety (me included). Nonetheless, it’s is an excuse to get the men what we like to see them in (at least for a night). A settle suggestion of a few wardrobe changes never hurt anybody. Wink wink. That being said, I’ve culled a few options for the “feast of Saint Valentine” for him.

Valentinesdaymenssunglasses.jpg    ValentinesdayMensGivechywalletpic.jpg .png   ValentinesdayMensLarsson&JenWatch.jpg .jpeg                                         

12 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day For Him

  1. I wish my man was easy and into clothing or accessories. I did bought him a flannel and a sweater and he said I will keep the flannel but u can return the sweater and get something to yourself. Detail, he kept the flannel because is the same brand of his bike. Men’s are more complicted than us woman.


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