Style Icon:Diane Keaton


Quick birthday shout out to the one and only Diane Keaton, queen of turtlenecks, hats, and wearing shades inside, who made the role of Annie Hall notorious with her impeccable boyish style and phenomenal performance that dubbed her a style icon to many. Who wouldn’t want to dress in a Brooklyn half-buttoned vest with an ugly Father’s Day tie and cool baggy khakis, hat in toe, strutting around New York with a basket weave tote like I’m too busy and important to care because I’m running errands (that would be me, not her). We love how funny, awkward, corky, vulnerable and what an intellectual nerd she is, and that’s why we love her. Her career and accomplishments span decades of movies like the Godfather, First Wives’ Club (one of my favorite movies), Father Of The Bride Part 1 and 2, The Other Sister (another all time fav), and Hanging Up to name a few. Let’s talk style, though, my goodness, can this woman dress. She makes pantsuit separates look so chic and cool, I swear her style is a reaction to a childhood spent dressing in overly feminine frilly cupcake dresses by her mother. You know, she has the borrowed boyfriend pieces vibe going on. Girlfriend must jog in power suits. Yes, the almighty Keaton isn’t afraid to wear turtlenecks, belts, hats, scarves, and ties…so why should we be?

Happy Birthday, Diane Keaton!

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