Style Icon:Jane Birkin

There isn’t any nook, or cranny or corner of the universe nor all classifications of (including the most endangered) species who doesn’t know who Jane Birkin is. We often forget she’s a talented singer and actress. However to us, she is godmother and muse to the kingdom of fashion. This icon of french style (although a brit), has the natural ability to tackle every denim in any fit with the most notorious and influential bag, the wicker basket spun into the birkin (errr, courtesy of Hermés) or whether she’s wearing a cropped lace top or a sheer dress, she embodies everything we strive for with her carefree not to overdone approach to fashion. Now I know, the word effortless and chic are over-killed with a dollop of overstated these days on blogs (I’m certainly guilty of it); but the word effortless had no meaning until Jane came along. Who can resist her irresistibly boho cool-girl style. I know I can’t. Can you?

Happy Belated Birthday Jane (I’m late, December 14th I know)!

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