Sock Probe With Hood Prize


Oh, hello. As you might have imagined, I think I’ll play with my socks this winter. Why not? The trick to styling them is incumbent on complementary colors or within the same color family. I stipulate that having warm feet in a polar vortex to fend off frostbite thus losing a toe in the middle of December; me and my socks have become major Bffs. Though not in the way you would think, it’s more like protecting your younger brother or protecting my feet is more like it. Furthermore, without any exaggeration, I entirely tend to experiment with socks in whimsical patterns and bold hues that will perk up any outfit and wear my top front-runners on heavy rotation. Liking these sartorial digs already. Feet huggers quietly displayed modestly of course in open toe ankle boots to you give that extra detail and as they say the devil’s in the details. The impromptu nostalgic memories from my adolescent days wearing nothing but red and black plaid and leather to rebel against my parents permits me into feeling both old and young. How does that happen? Suffice to say, many other patterns do exist. So take notice. Presently and without delay, already doing reconnaissance on sock-wear. Got it narrowed down to a few winners. On the contrary, administering festive tights is a sure way to awaken and truly reinvigorate your look to battle the icy climate. Burrr….

Onward and upwards, layering staples by utilizing your wardrobe under the best leisurewear pieces also known as Mr. Alexander Wang, coordinated with a glistening fluid  pleated skirt, casting any shadow of a doubt that winter looks can be dull or tedious. Necessary tight turtlenecks assure extra insulation without bulk for those bone chilling days fundamentally proving that with tenacity, vision and innovation; this outfit formula does qualify for the Olympics (pun intended) interweaving sportswear as if it’s normal. Or shall I say Normcore. Blam, mic drop! I’m so on a roll. At any rate, layer play, structure, slender silhouette, texture conjoining with closet staples confirms what I had expected all along. Comfort mixed with athleisure make for a good margarita blend. No salt! And it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Cooome to mamma!

From Your Sock probing With Hood Prize Blogger, Jade








Turtleneck:Zara  Hoodie:Alexander Wang old (similar here and here)  Skirt:Zara (similar here)  Sunglasses:Celine  Boots:Pedro Garcia old (similar here and here)  Bag:Zara  Socks:Hot Topic old (similar here)

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