Moody Wintry Florals


Have you ever texted or Instagrammed so many emojis (regularly abused) in a single week, you no longer know how to spell words? WTF! Like, holy shit.

Hashtag emoji chat. More like Hashtag brain fuck.

Random thought.

Back to fashion. During the chilly months, let’s face it, we invariably revert to an all black uniform or darker hues in general, which can leave us pretty much in a style rut so early  on in the game. We get too complacent and comfortable in moody hues, for which I tend to lean on, in the manner of shades of blue and black for the upcoming winter. So, I switched things up and elected a flirty feminine top to sever the head-to-toe black. And I must say it worked. Not totally stepping outside my comfort zone, nevertheless keeps my style fresh and fashion-forward.

Be that as it may, I am choosy when it comes to botanic or garden motif inspired pieces. Given my self-confessed aversion to lighter floral prints or anything girly (apart from ruffles), it baffles me, my hatred for dainty gender pushing yet nauseating floral textiles. Guessing the memory of 90’s granny pink flowery explosion (sticks with you). I tend to gravitate towards more darker sensual florals with a well balanced and refined composition. It’s the Latin gene in me, ha!

Speaking of Latin, ruffles, ruffles, ruffles are all the rage. The romance of ruffles is what I do best. Ruffles embody powerful properties of sensuousness and rousing allure. All the collections declare this as their anthem. Sensuality with a hint of seduction. Furthermore, the shoulder revealings leave something and nothing simultaneously, (shoulder skin is in, you may have noticed).

Chloe ankle boots deem worthy of purchase. Mental note: any Chloe ankle boot including block heel rendered in a sophisticated silhouette and cross buckle, buy immediately if not sooner. The leather never looked so good. Good for the soul, bad for the digestion.

The Classic black midi skirt (my must-have staple) is perfectly redeeming for fall. From the office to cocktail hour, you’re ready to go in a pinch. Naturally, I took my new Celine sunnies and Zara clutch out for a spin which added a sleek appeal to this head-turning ensemble. Need I say more.

From your granny floral hating blogger, Jade









Leather Jacket:Zara (similar here)  Top:Topshop (similar here) Skirt:Reformation old On sale now (similar here) Boots:Chloe old (similar here and here)  Bag:Zara sold out (similar here)  Sunglasses:Celine

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