Holiday Gift Guide For Her

Violent brawls on black Friday, drunk so-called uncles grabbing your ass, slaving away cooking a feast, exchanging gifts to ungrateful family members, ain’t Christmas great (not)? Sometimes the only way to get through the holidays is with a cup of spiked egg nog, am I right? To make your holiday a little brighter, I’ve rounded up the best gift guide (for passive-aggressive friends, self-centered clans, dead beat husbands or just for yourself, hey why not) so you don’t have to tear your hair completely out this season. ‘Tis the season or whatever. I know, humbug.

LeatherNotebook.jpg   MichaelKorsWatch.jpg  LuggageTags.jpg  MarbleCoasters.jpg       BrushStrokesMugs.jpg    yslwallet  GiftsForHer.jpg    PoodleSalt&PepperShakers.jpg  MarcJacobs.jpg  FendiBook.jpg           SimonMillerBag.jpg           SephoraCollection.jpg  RayBanSunnies.jpg          Tiff&CoBracelet.jpg       ZaraScarf.jpg

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