Classic Thanksgiving Movies


Dealing with the holidays can be a drag (trust me, I know). The mixing of alcohol and annoying family members or a boyfriend’s family, is enough to make you want to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, twice (just kidding, of course). Silver lining (forgive the pun), I’m hooking you up with my selection of go-to turkey day movies. A few may be a bit odd or non-traditional rather, but they have the thankful vibe to get you in the holiday spirit. After watching them, I promise you, it will give you a renewed sense of hope and faith for humanity this year for Thanksgiving.

What are you most thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!

3 thoughts on “Classic Thanksgiving Movies

  1. Yes! definitely some of my favorites up there. I LOVE The Silver Linings Playbook (great book, too), Charlie Brown, and the Wizard of Oz! Can’t wait for Christmas movie marathons though, for sure!

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