Keep Calm And Monochrome Style


No labor necessary. Go monochromatic. Go all in and your bet is as good as mine. You know what they say, go big or go home. Ding, ding, ding jackpot! Safe to say, an army salad of mixed greens is a win win in my book. Fatigue chic…or infantry whore, whatever you want to call it, makes me feel like a spinach guzzlin Popeye off to save Olive Oyl, you know, the invincible vibes. Currently in a state of an all-in-one phase of the relationship and the relationship I’m referring to, is between me and my wardrobe. Preoccupied with the notion of keep calm and monochrome your style. Simple yet effective. No need to cry in your closet anymore agonizing over what skirt to put with what top, or sweating profusely like a member of the bomb squad defusing a bomb, trying to surmise the perpetual print clash dilemma. As Kermit the Frog would say, it’s not easy being green (pun intended, not that Kermit is army green, hey, I’m not discriminating…okay pun not intended). I tried, I tried.

Needless to say, army fatigues require a menswear utility shirt jacket asap (aka pimpin’ cover up). It’s basically just another hybrid of the army jacket, if you can believe it. And being a neutral, it sleeps with with everyone. Yea, you heard me right. Let me explain. The jacket is so versatile, it’s like the office slut who sleeps with anything and everything. Yes, I said everything. From a sky blue dress to an annihilated pair of jeans (raw hem of course), to cozy knits and statement ankle boots, clearly I’ve thought a lot about the endless possibilities of this shameless slut of a coveted outerwear for fall. Plus, it’s really the top and bottom gravitating around the jacket not the other way around. The word effortless comes to mind. It such a poetic word for describing a look. Boundless in a subtle yet understated reality.

Veritably, I’m pro green especially when fall hits. Green gets my vote (total pun intended, to make up for the corny Kermit joke). To add a cherry to this monochromatic sundae, is my red beetle bag from Zara, which by the way, is a total conversation starter not to mention ice breaker. Fun date tip, rely on fun bags on dates, it kick starts chatty bits before the cocktails come. Who knows, that bag might get you through the morning walk of shame after first date sex (don’t judge). You still want look your best on your way home, right?

I must admit, I love my booze and shall we say, expanding your mind activities, but my Burberry multi-buckles boots give me the ultimate fuckin high. Don’t you agree? Getting that wink, wink from another fashionista on the streets strutting my killer boots (trendy by day, fierce by night). I could almost sing. Not quite, I don’t smile. Nonetheless, the round bold contortion of the toe and buckles spell masculinity allied with a female x-rated  heel. Now I want to belt out some tunes.

“The boots, what can I say, I drop it like it’s hot queen Beyonce! “

From your very own schizophrenic blogger, Jade

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Top:Asos (similar here)  Jacket:Vintage (similar here)  Skirt:Philip Lim (similar here and here and here)  Boots:Burberry (similar here)  Bag:Zara  Sunglasses:Celine (similar here)

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