Peek-A-Boo Sleeves (or rather hands)

Easing into Fall donning my navy pinstripe over-size shirt in one of my favorite color palettes of the season-shades of blue harmonized with white accents gives me a tickle in my pants. Needn’t bother mentioning the wide cuffs, as you can see here, they consume my sleeves leaving no room for practicality. And by practical, I mean obviously doing anything with my hands, perhaps eating sushi with chopsticks, or brushing my teeth (don’t ask me why I would brush my teeth in this shirt). Oh, how I miss my hands. Regardless, jumbo cuffs are wicked and unquestionably worth the cyber space. Details will propel you to stay ahead of the fashion curve. Furthermore, I fully intend to stay committed to indulging (moderately, of course) in refreshing new crops of sleeve play, stripes and frayed hems. High in fiber, low in carbs. Nothing but healthy dressing here, doc!

Today, I give you..the new me. Wrapped in a billowy and voluminous silhouette, comfort gives way to freedom and expressionism not only in the illusion of the long sleeve effect (following gigantic cuffs) but in the midriff. Amidst the shape, keepin’ it minimal at the bottom with my baby blues and my Jason Wu shoes (comin’ at you wit my rhymes, now I know, I’ve been listening to way too much Drake).

And meet Mr. and Mrs. Black and White sporties (who are attention whores, by the way) offer a fiercely driven yet offset shoe with a slim sexy heel (courtesy of Real Real), usually too busy competing with the sock (boyfriend’s socks) rival to even care about the rest of the look. Contrast works best according to hues and fun to assemble.

That being said, evolving and transforming my look is a silver lining. Elevation is the name of the game. Life as we know it, just got a whole lot brighter. Surfing on this crazy sleeve wave for now. Hashtag sleeve goals

xx, from the hand magician, Jade

Happy Halloween!


Top: Pixie Market  Denim:Mother  Shoes:Jason Wu (similar here, here and here)  Belt:Gucci  Bag:Asos  Sunglasses:Prada (similar here) Earrings:Mango

12 thoughts on “Peek-A-Boo Sleeves (or rather hands)

    1. xo, thanks for the comment love.
      I have never really seen myself as a writer in the past.
      But doing this blog I find myself enjoying the writing process more and more with every post.
      Thanks for visiting & reading!!!!
      Talk soon

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