Leopard Swag


Current status: swag, swag, swag, and more swag. Pow! That’s what leopard does to a girl.

This leopard structured blazer is so sick, right! Courtesy of Tibi and rendered in one of the most coveted and ubiquitous animal prints ever, leopard. I must divulge the immediate appetite for everything leopard until further notice. I can’t stop parading my leopard around town like a new boyfriend to all my friends who are green with envy (sorry guys, not really though). Leopard is my crack right now and I’m not giving it up anytime soon; no need for an intervention. However, I will admit that I’m an addict.

I am reluctant to admit my secret addiction to leopard you guys; so here goes:

“Hi, I’m Jade and I’m a leopardholic.”

I can’t nail down an exact point of which there was no return, once I discovered leopard-it was like discovering my sartorial soulmate, we had the same qualities, shared the same likes and dislikes in that we were so compatible. We would have made a date on tinder and sending each other love videos on snap chat (wouldn’t that be funny).

My point being that me and leopard have a thing that no one can interfere with. Pair it with a vintage-looking concert tee, my baby greys (yummy jeans), my new cool of-the-moment ankle boots and head out for a night with the girls or get ready for a casual night with the old man which consists of greasy Chinese and sex before Netflix-call it a date or rather a typical Tuesday night.

All of this commotion and frenzy due to the almighty powers of the leopard. Searching hard for any inspiration in my memory bank one morning smoking a cigarette and drinking my coffee wearing my usual Levis and another band tee (believe it or not, I have many), in my home office, it finally hit me. Grey. I have never recalled seeing grey (a neutral hue and one of my favorite colors to wear) mixed with leopard. And bazinga (cartoon light bulb) and just like that, an idea crept into the tiny cracks of my brain that culminated into this fine get up. I, for one, always opt for the classic silhouette of the long lean effect to elongate the body and torso (creating a narrow silhouette) with my denim go-to skinnies (don’t I look very leggy in the photos) and stuffed them in my killer Tibi boots.

Shameless display of affection for new Gucci belt to drive you mad which actually punctuates the outfit reckoning the bling to the waist.

In conclusion, I’m proposing an equation and outcome of this look all in long division form like what we learned in grade school. Leopard plus vintage tee plus white hot boots equals swag. Enough said.

From your very own leopard fanatic, Jade


Blazer:Tibi (similar here)  Jeans:Zara (similar here)  Tee:Urban Outfitters   Boots:Tibi (similar here) Belt:Gucci (similar here) Sunglasses:Ray-Ban

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