Danish Style Maven: Pernille Teisbaek


If you haven’t been paying any attention to street style (or the street style stars) including Instagram trolling (more like stalking), it’s quite possible you’ve hit your head or been living under a fucking rock. But it’s okay to be trailing behind in fashion news, that’s where I step in. My suggestion? Proceed to pouring yourself a glass of wine (in my case, a bottle) and scope out the latest crop of style aristocrats (on Vogue.com) for which, recently, Scandinavians have legitimized their place on the royal fashion court. Danish fashion mavens in particular, are mastering remarkable versions of minimalist ideas told on the street in a very subtle and profound way. Appreciation runs deep for the ingenious beauty of clean and simple lines, cocoon shapes as well as ambivalent ones and extraordinary details, often personalizing their own french girl chic with a newfangled twist and ultimately capitalizing on branding the phrase scandi-cool girl vibes. As the leader of the royal succession, is stylist, entrepreneur, jewelry designer, author, and former blogger Pernille Teisbaek, who, in her own right, (thanks to her viking stay-warm genes) has a flair for mixing and layering classic and fun pieces, spawning fresh new hybrids of the cool girl archetype. She defines the meaning of artful dressing.

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