My Ode To Boudoir Dressing



What is it about the bedroom we crave (I mean besides sex, you guys! Come on! You have a dirty little mind, don’t you!). This isn’t that type of blog. Now back to topic. Oh yeah, wait a minute, now I remember, I must have some kind of sartorial amnesia. Was it me or was virtually every fashion designer, editor or blogger ramming the trend of boudoir dressing down our throats for past few months, so much so that I began to have hives the moment I saw someone wearing a slip dress. Much to my surprise, the trend finally wore me down. Or shall I say peaked my interest. Immediately, I combed through my closet picking and sifting through random knits and dresses (and making a fucking mess of clothes right in the middle of my bedroom floor, by the way). It wasn’t pretty. Needless to say, I’m disgusted with myself, the trend of boudoir dressing has absolutely swept me off my feet. I have officially joined the natives. Now I feel like one of those people being called home to the mother ship. However, let me state that trends do tend to spiral out of control, not to mention the overkill, too much trend over-exposure and how I loathe it, but I will say this after a little knit layering in my closet that day, I caved, totally and completely. I buckled under pressure. Yup, I sure did and you know what, I would do it again.

With the steady spike in lounge wear (aka sleep wear) in full effect, an ensemble cast of characters have made their way to our closets and drawers with an array of slip dresses, robes, pajamas tops and bottoms, re-worked boyfriend shirts accompanying oversize cuffs, and don’t even get me started on the backless loafers (i.e. Gucci backless loafers, ring a bell) resembling men’s slippers, satin and various stripes and sizes emulating everything on your bed, from your duvet covers to your sheets. Thank god, I don’t look like my bedspread from Bed, Bath and Beyond (holy shit did I just admitted, I shop At Bed, Bath and Beyond, damn.) Moving on.

Not kidding folks, these days, we are all dressing like Hugh Hefner and before you know it, we’ll be drinking martinis and smoking cubans around the pool which sounds pretty good right now, I must say.

God, you guys, why do you let me ramble on and on about such nonsense!

Back to the original premise of boudoir dressing. Again, what is it about the bedroom we crave and how it’s impacting our fashion? What prompted this trend into a brush-fire all over our Instagram feeds? I don’t know, maybe the bedroom is where we feel natural and relaxed, a sort of comfort, and we want to represent that in our clothing. And maybe that’s why it has such a huge following including one new devotee…me.

Initially all these questions were answered in creating this look here. First, I wanted to go for earth tones for the autumn season and added the white boots for contrast. Turtlenecks are the foundation of any fall wardrobe and for the sole purpose of a multi-functioning wardrobe built for all occasions. These knitted body condoms are a highly underrated fall/winter staple and go along way. So I stuck to neutrals.

I chose a deep v-neckline dress in a brown rust hue (made by the one and only, Stella McCartney). I paid extra close attention to the details of the dress like the front center circle zipper that zips the dress down to taper it and zips up to reveal a tent skirt below that sways in the wind (love that little dress feature). The midi pockets give it a bit of a little somethin, somethin. Layering the dress over the fitted turtleneck generates great texture play thus constructing a very cozy and perfectly balanced outfit. This look transitions you from day to date night with a bare neck and jacket over it.

The boots feel amazing, you just slip them on and go. The boots have a retro vibe to them with rounded toe details, block heels and tan trims. One of the many highlights to the boots are the pony hair in the back, they add a little fun to the look. Digging them so hard right now!

Yes, indeed boudoir dressing is a huge trend for fall and based on all the recent spring action on the runways, this trend is here to stay. Face it ladies, it’s clear exactly what the fashion community has on its mind and it’s the bedroom. My point that I’m very inarticulately trying to make (and killing to death I might add) is that there is a practicality to boudoir dressing. Keep it simple, no bulky knits and may you let the waves of femininity and sensuousness wash over you, unleashing a smart, sexy woman. This is my ode to boudoir dressing.

From a former anti-boudoir dresser, Jade








Dress:Stella McCartney (similar here, here and here)   Top:Zara   Boots:Tibi (similar here)   Sunglasses:Ray-ban   Earings:Mango

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