Kimono Haze


 Kimono haze lays claims to this look. Now that the summer is over, I can merely say that fall has begun and I have nothing to wear (I know), the usual excuse us fashion lovers say. Which is all the more reason to get shopping on all those fall trend happenings. It can be a bit over-whelming, but I fully intend to keep my wits about me and hope that I can choose garments wisely without ending up in bankruptcy. Already started to compile a list of fashion-forward fall outfit ideas, it’s hard to keep them all straight-not that I’m complaining at all. Fall is one of my favorite seasons-every kind of chunky knit known to mankind, every turtleneck, ankle boot, velvet jacket west of the Mississippi-looking forward to it. That is to say, who doesn’t like sweater weather (try saying that three times fast). The muted and darker hues and mixing trendy separates off of key staples offer me up a warm dose of an autumnal infused shot (ouch). During those heat waves, I had been going through serious fall withdrawal and sweater envy. There is something to be said about snuggling under a plush throw on a brisk day, sippin’ some french hot chocolate by a warm fire. The smell of pumpkin spice (hello, grande pumpkin latte), inconstant foliage, and biting into a caramel apple stick-the words come to mine “why can’t we have fall weather year round.” Essentially resuscitating our sartorial inner monster demanding layers, warmth and cool tones and shape play (Errrr).

Speaking of which, this segways me into the embodiment of the fall look you see here. The adoring shape of the kimono ingeniously accentuating my waist (hiding the gut, just joking), and the ever so brilliant cropped flare hem denim from Mother. As you well know, I’m a denim junkie, and believe it or not, these no-hem jeans are my favorite pair of denim thus far. They are vital to my existence as apart of my go-to uniform nowadays which remains of a graphic tee and any kind of cropped denim I can get my hands on. Oh, and remember my Canadian tuxedo with my Current/Elliot long ass flares that covered my Gucci cognac suede clogs and I forgot to take a proper shoe photo, these are the clogs. Their my proud accomplishment this year. I love the shape and grommet details on the shoe-so gorgeous. And my cute little box shaped burgundy bag I bought from Zara proves fall is my best friend right now without listening to all the sobs at the other end of the phone about a date gone wrong (sorry bffs). Dark bohemian chic is unquestionably and categorically my number one get-up for fall as I pretend I’m the legendary Stevie Nicks, although I do foam at the mouth over minimal wear too. It begs the question why does fall feel so damn good….


From your fall loving, kimono obsessed blogger, Jade

Top:Stella McCartney (similar here) Jeans:Mother (similar here) Shoes:Gucci (similar here)  Bag:Zara  Sunnies:Karen Walker

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