Prairie Mingled With Mom Jeans


On this particular occasion, I like to knock down the walls fearlessly yet hesitatingly and step outside my comfort zone and experiment with a look that feels a bit foreign to me. Anxiously feeling like I’m naked or vulnerable in some type of way plagued me while styling this look. I feel like Heidi on the prairie looking for her dog or something, and my hideous mom jeans got me feeling like I am the ultimate man repellent. I scored this vintage find from Asos Marketplace, your one-stop-and-shop place of all things vintage selling 60’s, 70’s, 80’s 90’s pieces (one of my favorite online vintage shopping sites). My one happy place I troll through at 3am dozing off with a leftover piece of chicken from dinner in my mouth (hey, don’t judge) and a cigarette in my other hand. It’s hard to keep my cool in a getup like this, however I was a brave big girl so I buttoned my blouse, hoisted up my acne jeans, added my new toy accessory-my Gucci belt, Miu Miu loafers in toe and patted myself on the back for donning this vintage inspired look. I think the fun of fashion is…you got to experiment and play around, that’s part of the sartorial game. Knowing what works and what doesn’t. We forget to play with our clothes and accessories, we take fashion a bit too seriously sometimes. I still don’t know how I feel about this ensemble. Nevertheless, kudos to me for daring to try.

From a shy and sensitive Little Heidi, Jade









Top:Asos Marketplace (similar here)  Jeans:Acne (similar here)  Belt:Gucci (similar here) Loafers:Miu Miu  (similar here) Sunnies:Karen Walker (similar here)

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