Rebel At Heart


Many a time ago, in my youth perhaps an angry, music blastin’ rebellious teen I was-I used to dress similar to this. My boyish bravado (as being a tomboy) made a statement as to how I felt at that time. I still have that inner (pain-in-the-ass) stubborn yet fiercely loyal teenager inside of me. It still comes out from time to time, but maturity has got the better of me. I wouldn’t go back to those years if you paid me a million dollars. It seems like a lifetime ago.

I still love the pop-out-the-door-and-go outfit which means I wake up, have a quick shower, some make-up application, try my best with my hair (oh lord, if I can manage), pull up my trusty destroyed boyfriend denim on, pop on a t-shirt, boots and my go-to staple-what I call my John Travolta Grease black leather jacket I got from Zara. This look is not only my cool off-duty uniform, it’s my safety net and defensive security blanket. Boy pieces are the best (edgy yet boyishly charming), often worn barefoot reading a book on a rainy day with a messy bun and eyeglasses on hand or maybe even playing some records. Wearing a tee and jeans is right any case for me at least. Already giving into my urge to break out the tee..and…jeans, I need my weekly fix! Help! Save me……aaah! All is well now. Currently sitting in a tee and jeans smoking a ciggy. Now the walk of shame.

From a confessed and quite shameless jeans junkie, Jade

P.s. Anyone like any collections from NYFW so far?











Top:Urban Outfitters  Jeans:Frame (similar here)  Jacket:Zara (similar here)  Boots:Rag&Bone (similar here)  Sunnies:Ray-Ban

12 thoughts on “Rebel At Heart

    1. I sooooo want to go to London fashion week, but I’m in the US working right now. Maybe next year if I can work it. I’m gonna have to enjoy from my laptop this year. lol
      I am loving it so far, how about you?


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