Anywhere Else But Here




Do ever get that feeling when you’re working on a Monday or Tuesday, and you feel like you’re just going through the motions-you don’t really feel connected and for a split second, you play that game with yourself, where you daydream about being anywhere else but here? I often fantasize about being in a french cafe, reading a book, sipping my hot morning coffee and nibbling on my buttery croissant, wearing a cozy dark grey chunky knit sweater, black skinnies and flats, trench coat hanging on my chair, by the window and its raining cats and dogs out there in the city streets of Paris-its very elaborate I know, however it just helps me tolerate the day. Do you guys play that game with yourselves at work? I do. I’m having that moment right now. What’s your “Anywhere else but here” moment? I bet it has a lot to do with going back to bed, huh?

Hashtag daydreamingoffashion

xx, Jade

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