Rome Part III


When in Rome, do as the Romans do, eat pizza, ride a moped and glamourize yourself for that romantic date with an Italian stud (I wish) and drink as much wine as you possibly can stand. And then google what cures your hangover the next morning.

Last stop, Rome, the ever so busy cosmopolitan city who is home to Vatican City and St. Peter’s Basilica, the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, the Roman Forum and the Sistine Chapel among other touristy spots, all roads lead here. As Italy’s capital and former Roman empire, Rome has majorly influenced the world in culture, art, food, and architecture. I revere the Romans as if they were gods of all things Italian.

Will and I wanted to make our last days in Italy count. Busy visiting all the sights of Rome, (for which I nearly gasped when I saw the Trevi Fountain) the high-powered energy of the city leaves you wanting more of the Italian lifestyle only Italians do so well. They inconceivably know how to live life us Americans wish we knew a fraction of. Our hotel was nice and had a rooftop restaurant with one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had, not to mention the sunset as our backdrop-incredibly romantic.

After sightseeing, we filled the rest of the day with shopping on every cobblestone corner, having a carb and gelato fest and walking (hence the carbs) back to our hotel. Ultimately, that is what I do best, shop and load up on carbs.

Every corner of Rome was a potential Instagram snap. The brightly colored buildings, the flower pot windows and shutters, palm trees, Italian bistros, gargantuan statues piled on top of fountains in the piazzas, and the captivating and breath-taking views of Rome was the perfect way to end our insane trip to Italy.

Traveling to Italy, I feel was a big accomplishment for me. Getting to experience another culture other than my own has made me grow in ways I never knew I could. Being able to go with the man I love/best friend and partner in crime, made the trip even better. I firmly believe traveling helps you grow as a person. If you’re thinking about traveling, do it, I promise you the experience of a lifetime. You will not regret it. Go wherever the wind takes you and make it a habit to collect postcards (for yourself) just to remember along with the pics of your trip as travel keepsakes.


xx, Proud Globe Trotter













































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