New York Jadecation Essentials

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This is a quick post from my New York Jadecation trip. While running around New York visiting nostalgic places I used to go to when I lived there, I could not leave the hotel without these classic essentials. I take these essentials everywhere I go. I never leave the house without them.

My new chic Stella McCartney sunglasses are my go-to accessory this summer to shield the sun away while looking stylish. I wear them to the beach, brunch with friends and summer social events-they’re so versatile.

Secondly, I absolutely cannot leave the house without my signature perfume Chanel number 5. Every girl should have a signature scent that is clean, fragrant but not too strong. I just love my Chanel perfume, its smells so good.

Lastly, my new Derek Lam pouch I got a couple of weeks ago is amazing. I brought it to New York with me and cannot stop rocking it. Surprisingly, it holds all my stuff like my makeup, credit cards, and lip gloss-even though it looks small. Also, I love the bright yellow color…perfect for the summer.

What’s your summer essentials you can’t live without this summer?


xx Jade

3 thoughts on “New York Jadecation Essentials

  1. Wow I am in LOVE with your Derek Lam pouch!!! I think you have a great go-to accessory the only thing I would probably as is a hat because I am defiantly a hat girl rather than shades. Maybe it si because i have such a small framed face ;( but I am defiantly going to have to follow you and see how the rest of your summer pans out. Enjoy NYC!!

    Lets keep in touch. Whats your IG mins is dorisfitness and please check out my blog if you have moment would love your feedback 🙂

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