Nataly Gonzalez Chocolate Shoes


The most coveted and prized possession in a woman’s closet is her shoes. Not only do we crave stilettos and open-toe sandals, we also pine for the dark rich liquid exquisiteness known as chocolate-mesh the two together and you’ve got these stylish chocolate shoes. More specifically, Nataly Gonzalez’s Chocolate shoes. Adorable, aren’t they? My girlfriend Nataly is so talented…she created these delicate and enticing little darlings made out of chocolate. We met at Parsons The New school and we’ve been friends ever since.

Working at Vogue, Nataly had the amazing opportunity to oversee the designer shoes and then the remarkable idea of chocolate shoes occurred to her. So she started researching cacao beans, visited many chocolate boutiques to taste a multitude of flavors and flew to Paris to practice the fine art of working with chocolate.

Nataly finds inspiration anywhere. Details in art, fashion, nature, and architecture fill her head with a variety of delicious ideas. As soon as she has an idea, sketches are made. Mainly, she works with different flavors of such as dark, milk, blonde, and white chocolate and collaborates with the company Valrhona. She makes these scrumptious delights for events, bridal showers, baby showers and birthday parties. Furthermore, shoes are customized with your name inside adding a personal touch. These tiny yummy confections are made with love and are a guaranteed show stopper.


Check out her amazing website and her flawless chocolate shoes!






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