Modern Day Victorian


I have a tendency to watch a variety of documentaries whether it be history, fashion or crime. Recently, I’ve been unintentionally watching documentaries on Victorians like Queen Victoria, Louise May Alcott and Emily Dickinson non-stop for the past couple weeks…a little guilty pleasure of mine. I swear I’m a modern day Victorian.

Naturally, I was inspired to buy my very own Victorian-like blouse. I told you guys I love blouses a few posts back and here is another example. Any blouse in any color (especially white) captivates my heart. This blouse is one of my favorites in my wardrobe. It radiates femininity and a kind of delicate grace…delivering a passionate and romantic component. Check out the pleated cuffs. I love little details like that on a top. Also, the silhouette is flowy and light-perfect for summer days.

And my jeans are so snug. I scored them off of Madewell. The frayed hem jeans had my name definitely written on them. I’m fond of them because they are slightly flared too.

Did you peep my new Chloe rust clay sandals? I’m so in love with them. I love the clear portion of the heel. I wonder if it’s Lucite or not. Not sure but I’m addicted to wearing these shoes. These sandals have been in heavy rotation lately because of the weather. I think I need to give my feet a break quite frankly.

Has anyone broke out their summer sandals yet?

On a completely unrelated topic, thank you for all the wonderful comments. I smile when I see them and it keeps me going 🙂

Worn with my Madewell jeans, vintage belt and Karen Walker sunnies


xx, Jade







Blouse: Asos (similar here)  Jeans:  Madewell (similar here)  Shoes: Chloe (similar here)  Sunnies: Karen Walker

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