Museum Of Fine Arts-Boston: Pablo Picasso


He is the legend and godfather of modern art, an innovator and the creator of the cubism movement-Yes, Pablo Picasso literally knocked down the walls of conventional art and defied all the rules. Picasso’s art is instantly recognizable for his strange subjects with eyes and noses in weird places and distorted bodies as well as faces. His exceptional and timeless work is characterized as blunt, unapologetic, provocative and genius and yet some of his subjects are often hidden in fragmented and shattered glass forms adding various perspectives all in one image. Picasso was a prominent drawer as a kid and grew to be influenced by African and Iberian sculptures. His cubism facilitated the jazz age of the roaring 20’s (which is one of my favorite eras) with art deco, geometric patterns and hard edges. The modern age of technology also stirred and defined many of his works due to automobile development and the establishment of airplanes.

My favorite pieces are the paintings that are cubist and kaleidoscope looking images of the women that he painted. You don’t really know what your looking at-emanating a certain obscure and concealed reality aired in mystery. I love those paintings. When I was younger, I never really understood what Picasso conveyed his paintings-it was a bit juvenile to me but now I see his capacity to break the mold and throw away all the technical rules of the natural world and not conform to what we generally think art is. He reconstructed our thinking of form, shape, proportion and reality. This post was a good lesson for me. Just because you don’t understand something, doesn’t mean it’s not meaningful. And that conventionality is waaaaay overrated. Blaze your own trail, be bold and make no apologies.










Portrait of a Woman-My favorite


Standing Figure, 1908, oil on canvas

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