Museum Of Fine Arts-Boston: Asia Part:2


A couple of posts back, I told you I took a trip up to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. I forgot to mention the inside of the building which is massive and gorgeous. I’m not going to lie, I almost tripped on the stairs looking at all the amazing columns, murals , skylights and statues before me at the entrance.

Mainly, I visited to see the Asian exhibit featured at the museum. I’m hooked on various Asian cultures from different time periods. I was enamored with the whole exhibit and wound up in nearly every country that was shown. I immersed myself in a wealth of information and knowledge I never knew existed about Asia.

The rooms were enormous with with magnificent sculptures, deities, furniture, weapons, pottery, ceramics, statues and ceremonial garments to say the least. Every room was a country and bewitched you with its possessions that may have been dug up and found from every nook and cranny of the continents. It was unbelievable to know that these distinctive and rare finds belonged to a person or family throughout centuries. Every region has its own unique way of expression and characteristics. The designs, forms, depictions and layouts were hypnotizing and symbolic. I was transfixed and stunned by everything we saw in the Asian exhibit.

Asia is one of the most extraordinary places on earth. The many cultures of Asia are so rich and diverse. Historically, I learned so many things in the exhibit-so amazing.

Please go if you’re in town to see some wonderful art. It’s a must-see if your in Boston. Its truly is captivating.

I’ll stop talking now and let you see all the pics. Stay tuned for Museum Of Fine Arts, Part 3.

xx, Jade






Multi-colored Ceramics from Iznik, Turkey.


Bhudevi-Southern India (Tamil Nadu) Chola Period Late 11th and 12th Centuries, Bronze


Slab From a Wall of a Stupa, Satavahana Period, early 2nd Century AD, Limestone


Shiva as Shadashiva or Mahesha, Southern India, Chola Period, Late 10th Century


Inspired By Ganesh with his consorts


Translated Vase by Yeesookyung, Korea 2011, Celadon fragments with epoxy and gilding


Korea: Chaosmos Mandala, 2016, Kinetic Plastic Chandelier, Mylar By Choi Jeong Hwa



Japan: Ceremonial Bedcover (yogi) with design of Crane and Paulownia


Suit of Armor, Edo Period, 18th and 19th Centuries, Metal, Lacquered Iron and Silk Brocade


N0 Robe, of the Karaori type with design of islands of snow-laden pines and mist

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