Throwback To Last Year’s Governor’s Ball

IMG_7252 (1)

All year round, everyone from everywhere gets revved up for the Governor’s Ball festival in New York. Three days of fun, music, parties, fashion and great food-all festive goers including I, look forward to all year around. Nowadays, I’m sure you’ll agree that we all need a little fun to start the summer off right.

Last year, my boyfriend and I headed to the Governor’s Ball on Randall’s Island for the first time and it was AMAZING! The trip from Boston to New York was kind of long but we have the funnest road trips blasting music through the speakers and singing the words to every tune.

As soon as we arrived, a band (I forgot the name) was already playing and jammin on stage and pumped us up…a great way to start the day off, right? The whole time was filled with music, laughter, lounging in the sun and dancing to our favorite songs. This was the best day. I remember feeling so good-feeling the chill vibesĀ  with the sun on my back. A day I will never forget.Plus, it was even more special going with my love.

Now this year, we will be returning to the festival in style in a couple of days. Stay tuned for upcoming snaps of my outfit and our day at the festival on Everyday Renee.

I’m wearing a fringe number from Asos from last year. I trekked all around the festival in this with Topshop sneakers, Rebecca Minkoff fringe bag, Zara red plaid shirt on my waist and Illesteva sunnies.

xx, Jade

Enjoy the throwback pics!





Enjoying the music





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