Museum of Fine Arts-Boston: Monet


Recently, I took a trip up to Boston to visit the Museum Of Fine Arts. The appreciation of art runs deep within me and the sincerest affection for all thing beauty whether it’s art, sculpture or fashion. I got to see art of the ancient world, contemporary and Asian art. I was beyond floored to see one of my most cherished artists Monet.

Claude Monet is one of my favorite artists of all time. He is regarded as one of the leading painters in the impressionist movement. His many works include fruit in a bowl, flowers in vases, boat scenes, bridges, women dressed in spring garb, gardens, and misty mornings to say the least. Yes, I know his work is very commercial but if you focus just on what he communicates through his work, you can appreciated his skills, technique and subjects as an accomplished artist. He captures and amplifies the beauty in natural world. He firmly grasps the shifting mood of landscapes and dramatizes the light thereby transforming the scene over a period of time as well as changing hues. Monet’s impression of the world is stunning and allows us to wonder in amazement at the very art of nature.

My favorite painting in the Museum of Fine Arts is the last picture, Morning on the River Seine near Giverny. Loooove it! I actually can imagine stepping out to this view with my morning coffee and enjoying the misty purple morning he painted. Amazing!

I highly recommend checking out the Museum of Fine Arts when your in town.

Oh, Happy Memorial Day!






Morning On the Seine River near Giverny, 1896

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