Motorcycle Gang


Don’t I look like I belong in a motorcycle gang! I can imagine myself riding on a Harley-Davidson cruisin’ on the desert highway with the wind in my hair (I wish). Every once in awhile, a girl needs to feel like a badass. It’s amazing how what you pick out in the morning to dress yourself can totally transform your attitude and put a hop in your step. It’s fascinating how your sartorial efforts can empower you and the way you feel about yourself. If that’s the case, I’m hooked. Style is a constant frame of mind, a preeminent truth about fashion and the role it plays in a girl’s life.

This dominant look is so simple yet effective. I can’t stop wearing these black leather-like leggings-it provides a sleek look. I love the feel and smell of leather, I am a bonified leather chick. These leggings caught my eye from Asos and I just had to have them.  The vertical striped shirt I scored also from Asos. I’m swimming in Asos. I like the combination of leather pants and a cute and chic top.

Also wearing Topshop Boots, Asos Choker and Ray-ban aviators.









Top:Asos (similar here)  Leggings:Asos  Boots: Topshop (similar here)  Sunnies:Ray-ban  Choker: Asos (similar here)

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