Denim on Denim


As many of you know, I’m obsessed with all things denim. I’m a denim devotee. Its definitely a spring staple in my closet. Occasionally, I do bust out my denim jacket to layer underneath my over coat in the winter.

Denim on denim carries a western flair, it reminds me of Ralph Lauren in ads often delivering a brand of Americana appeal. Or a cowboy donning a stetson in head to toe denim, wrangling up some horses…wow what an image!

Anyway, I absolutely love denim on denim-such a super cool trend to rock. There are of course different variations of denim (from wide leg to cropped) with diverse washes. I love throwing together a different shade of denim with another. The contrast of the two are exceptional.

Denim is also majorly practical. Its one of the most versatile piece in your wardrobe. In particular, you can wear a denim jacket with anything like a spring print pencil skirt, trousers or even yoga pants (Lol).

The vintage DKNY jeans denim jacket is super fitted and surprisingly soft. The Current/Elliot flare jeans had a super long hem-so long that I had to get them hemmed shorter. The flair jeans add a fun 70s motif to my Canadian tuxedo with the Gucci clogs. I apologize you can’t see the clogs. I will take more pics of them on a later post. Also, I wore a white crisp button down from Everlane to break up all the denim at the mid-drift.

Right now I’m watching the documentary Iris on Netflix while lounging with my dog Bodhi, I highly recommend it.


Oh, did anyone see the amazing Chanel show in Cuba? Any thoughts?


xo, Jade









Jacket:DKNY Jeans-vintage (similar here) Jeans:Current/Elliot (similar here) Shoes:Gucci (similar here) Shirt: Everlane Sunglasses: Karen Walker


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