Classic Black Blazer


The classic blazer, as many of you know, is a major style staple in your closet. It goes with anything and everything. Its simple and effortless when it comes to dressing in the morning whether its for the office or running errands. The key to a classic fit blazer is reinventing it. Reinvention is a common word in fashion used to modernizing a classic look by creating entirely new looks. We don’t have to wear blazers with black trousers anymore (depending on office dress code). We can pair a blazer with jeans, white jeans, skirts, leggings or even throwing on a beautiful print maxi dress underneath to elevate your look. You can do so much with a classic black blazer.

Here, I went for a more casual look with the blazer. I added a standard white tee and blue jeans (rolled up), my prada ankle boots, Ray-Ban sunnies, and a black hat from Zara. I love this easy-going and laid back look, reminding myself that you don’t have to dress in funky patterns or complex silhouettes to make a rockin’ outfit. In reality, us working gals don’t have much time to dress in the morning. This ensemble is just as stylish as any other outfit. What makes classics unique is accessorizing (or in my case hats). Maybe add a pop of color to your look with a red lip or a shiny red clutch to finish the look with a little luxe. Effortless is key. What do you style your blazer with?


See ya Later, Jade












Blazer: Zara  (similar here) Tee: ALC  (similar here)  Jeans: Zara (similar here) Hat: Zara (similar here) Boots: Prada (similar here)  Sunnies: Ray-Ban

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