Fashion Identity Crisis-Transitioning from Minimalist to a Maximalist

Minimalist to a Maximalist.png


I must admit that I am having a bit of a fashion identity crisis regarding my style generally speaking. I am a dedicated minimalist as you can tell, but in the past six months or so, I’ve been having a fit about my style. I guess my style is boring me to death and I’m ready for a fresh and new approach. I’m not really sure what my style is anymore (if you can believe it). My boyfriend thinks that I’m not going through a fashion identity crisis, he says its growth and releasing the bonds and shackles of a certain mode of style. He insists it’s not a negative thing; it’s an ongoing process. In a sense, am I in a fashion rut? Have I been playing it safe for all these years. And what do I do about it. Plus, I am a little apprehensive about dipping my toe into the pool of a newly emerging style shift now that I created this blog. Also, perhaps a fear of making a mistake or as they call it a fashion faux pas.

Like me, fashion has been in a little bit of a rut too. The past couple of seasons left me wondering where is fashion going. Does fashion have a future anymore? One of my fashion savvy girlfriends said a bold statement to me that “fashion is dead.” Is fashion dead? Is there any hope for its survival? We have a fashion rear view mirror, we look back so much that we don’t look ahead to the future. The fashion world and I are both in the same universal boat, we both are stuck in a rut and cannot move on and grow. Fashion and I have become stagnant-we keep doing the same thing over and over again so much that we are literally bored. The difference between me and fashion is I don’t wanna stay stuck in a  time loop.

Which brings me to my next point, Milan fashion week. Please forgive me but Italian fashion has never really appealed to me with its prismatic, garish, glamour, bold color and lavish clothes, proved too busy and unfocused for my taste in the sense that I am a full on minimalist at heart (not that I don’t love the collections of Milan, hello Prada and Gucci), but I prefer clean and simple lines, form, basic hues (black, white, grey) and lean silhouettes especially with my curves, but lately I am uninspired by it. Its as if I kind of have to break up with minimal wear. However, Milan has finally enticed me for some reason. Their clothes are becoming more and more compelling to me, it’s like all of a sudden I am craving luxe fabrics, paisley patterns, lush velvets, over the top ensembles, brocade coats, gold jacquard and a mish mash of patterns (which usually hurt my eyes on the computer screen) and diverse textures. Plus, Italian women (known as Italian bombshells) really do have it going on. I’m actually starting to appreciate Italian designers like I never have before. Italian fashion has finally allured me to its side. Sartorial risk-taking is the theme on Milan’s runways. Is Italian fashion in a rut or is it just shiny and new to me? Maybe it’s satisfying my artistic need for something new right now. Lots of questions filling my mind right now.

I keep asking this question. Is your style supposed to evolve? And if it does, where does that leave you? Are you supposed to adopt every new trend that appears on the runways just so that your style moves forward, which can get expensive. Just like being in a fashion rut, can reinventing yourself get old too? When you are constantly reinventing yourself, do you still have a particular or distinctive style that is you anymore? It’s almost as if reinventing yourself is a natural progression.

Who knows maybe I am being slightly hysterical about my fashion identity but it’s important to me. I am making a lot of changes in my life this year and my style is a reflection of that. As a result, I will document this transition of my life and style from minimalist to maxinista. Don’t worry I will stick to my classic minimal style (classics never go out of style) but I will take some fashion risks. I cannot be afraid anymore to integrate bold color or patterns into my wardrobe. And hopefully let this style evolution develop through Everyday Renee.



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