70’s Vibes: Denim Jumpsuit


First off, I would like to say that I’m a total denim freak. I love denim! I wear denim constantly, whether it’s jeans, skirts or dresses-I even sleep in them. I wish I could find shoes that look like denim (that would be cool). I would wear it as a belt or hat, I would even wear a denim bra (LOL), that’s how much I swoon over denim.

When I saw this denim jumpsuit on Asos, I sooooo had to have it. It was so perfect for me because it still pretty chilly out and the jumpsuit is warm and toasty with the long sleeves-so I went for it. Its absolutely amazing to wear. I feel like I belong on a 70s show with my bandana neck tie. I loooove this denim jumpsuit. It’s so cool for spring. I love the tie front waist and the big front pockets on the bottom. However,  I don’t like the two pockets on the top, I think they are too high for my bust (whatever I love it anyway). The bandana neck scarf and the magenta hue with the jumpsuit. I look like I belong next to Farrah Fawcett and Jacklyn Smith in Charlie’s Angels (LOL). I loved that show, I used to watch reruns when I was a kid. Farrah was the popular blonde but I loved Jacklyn Smith. I thought she was so gorgeous and elegant (and still is). I guess they were my inspiration for this outfit.

Also, I just bought my new Karen Walker sunnies! Aren’t they fab! I am already wearing them out-I’m so obsessed. Expect to see these babies on upcoming posts. I love them dearly.

I love this look so much. I think it yields a 70’s vibe, dontcha think? I love the seventies and that whole era-that time was filled with so much timeless fashion with the platforms and wrap dresses. I couldn’t get over Michelle Pfeiffer’s looks in Scarface. The green emerald dress she wore and the white skirt suit, the hat and cat eye sunglasses-too perfect. The seventies were so much fun, that’s why you see it countless times on runways reinvented into contemporary looks.


Thanks for reading, Jade







Jumpsuit: Asos  (similar here)   Boots: Prada  (similar here)   Scarf: Reformation  (similar here)    Sunnies: Karen Walker





2 thoughts on “70’s Vibes: Denim Jumpsuit

  1. You are so adorable in that jumper. I have just stepped into the dark side of owning various denim pieces, maybe it was because I feel it was to 70´s lol but as they say fashion has a tend to repeat itself and this time I am on the wagon as well lol.

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