Bomber Jacket Femme Fatale



Yesterday I was super excited to go vintage shopping in Boston. My better half and I had a full list of treasure troves to visit on our trip to beantown and boy did I find a lot. We went to a couple of consignment places on newbury street that could have burned a hole in my pocket but I didn’t find anything special for a deal.

Then we stopped by Joe’s American Bar and Grill on newbury street-some of the best food and atmosphere ever in Boston. After polishing off chips and artichoke dip which was simply delish, my old man and I shared a chicken club sandwich, fries and a cold mug of beer. I could barely walk afterwards-our lunch was so tasty. That place is great, no wonder its always packed.

After, we did drove to the Garment District in Cambridge and scored a ton of vintage gems. The Garment District is a big store stuffed with all kinds of awesome goodies. This store has everything like costumes, masks, props, wigs and costume makeup downstairs and racks upon racks of of fur coats, scarves, belts, skirts, tops, dresses, blazers, handbags, sweaters, shoes and menswear from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s upstairs. I found a DKNY Jeans denim jacket and a couple of vintage belts for a great price that I needed for upcoming outfits. However, I was disappointed in not finding any vintage military or band uniform jackets-I am on a serious hunt to find them. Also, I didn’t find anything for the Governor’s Ball festival in June-so stay tuned I will keep you updated on that.

It was so fun vintage hunting in Boston. I plan to hit up more stores in a couple of weeks to see what else I can grab.

Today I am wearing my bomber jacket I bought from Topshop (purchased about a month ago), a pink lemonade sweatshirt-another purchase from Topshop and my perfect Acne jeans that sit comfortably on my hips. I love this outfit-I didn’t know what to add to the bomber jacket that is military influenced, so I thought why not add a feminine pink top to cap off this ensemble. Did you guys spot my killer black patent leather ankle Pradas? I was so stoked to debut these little cuties on Everyday Renee. I spent so much quality time with them since I received them in the mail. I think I actually spent my whole Friday night inside my house wearing them just because I didn’t want to take them off. Is that normal to do with your shoes? Lol Yes, I will admit growing up, I did not understand the big deal with ladies and their shoes. I just wasn’t a shoe person-I’m all about the fashion and bags, but now I understand it completely. Now I am a shoe addict and shoegasm is apart of my vocabulary

While taking these pics, randomly, a photographer by the name of Steve Rovetti came by and introduced himself and said he would like to take pictures of me for a quick impromptu micro-shoot. He snapped a few shots of me and edited the photos. The shots came out amazing-it’s diverse, edgy and perfect. Thank you so much Steve! Your an amazing photographer.

Check them out on my instagram @everydayrenee1. Here is his website and bio on

Better sign off now…I have tons to do today.

xo, Jade








Jacket: Topshop    Sweatshirt: Topshop (similar here)  Jeans: Acne (similar here)  Boots: Prada (similar here)  Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Choker: Asos (similar here)

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