Style Icons


So my last post I mentioned my cool girl look in the winter without the graphic tee and leather jacket-well it got me thinking about my favorite cool girl style icons that I have admired my whole life. I have revered women like Patti Smith, Debbie Harry, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett and Madonna among others . They carry a certain energy that contains a bold, strong and aggressive style all rolled up into one. Their approach to fashion is an attitude that is in juxtaposition with their style. The cast of power pieces they wore included leather jackets, off the shoulder tees, masculine shirts, ripped jeans, crop tops, men’s blazers, denim cut-off vests, mesh crops, black cut-out dresses, metallic jumpers, anything leopard, and leotards inciting glamour rock sex appeal. Their nonconformist attitude for sure reflects their style-embodying female power, sex and pushing boundaries. These women rock as mavericks in their own right. Their hard edge style still resonates with women today. Don’t you agree?


Oh and I do have other style icons….


Happy Sunday, Jade

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