Paris, At Last: Part II Versailles


I’m so excited to share these photos of Chateau de Versailles with you guys! It was unbelievable! There is no place like it! I’ve never seen anything like this place before-such display of utter extravagance. We got there at the crack of dawn to beat the line of traffic, and as the sun came up, the palace lit up-I was astonished! Once you get inside, I promise you it’s totally worth it! The Chateau de Versailles is filled with numerous rooms and huge french windows. Roaming from room to room is an amazing journey, each room featuring it own mythological themes with overwhelming ornamental and glowing embellishments. The chateau is brimming with astounding and grand ballrooms, marvelous statues, stunning balconies, and colossal paintings. It was mind boggling to see such beauty visible in every detail and corner of each room. In addition, the estate is overloaded with monumental sculptures, lavish arches, elaborate ceilings, and exquisite columns-not to mention the gorgeous fountains in the gardens. My personal favorite was the infamous Hall Of Mirrors-it was incredible! The radiant hall is full of gigantic mirrors and dazzling chandeliers dropping down from the painted arched ceilings. Pictures of the Hall Of Mirrors doesn’t do it justice.

After, we opted for a late lunch (more wine) at an outside cafe on further garden grounds-relaxing and taking in the garden views with the lush green grass and row boats on ponds. I fell so in love with the landscape, it was oddly mesmerizing.

Later we walked to Petit Trianon (Marie Antoinette’s retreat) and the Grand Trianon (kings retreat) which were so adorable. Plus we got see Marie Antoinette’s Shepherds village which exists as a farm with a mill and little rustic houses and mini ponds. Sadly, we did not get to go to the Royal Opera of Versailles, we were so exhausted and so were our feet.

This whole trip was magical! Paris was a once and a lifetime experience. Needless to say, I think I’ll be coming back to Paris for more. If anyone has ever gone to the beautiful city of Paris, what was your favorite spot?





Apollo’s Chariot with four Fiery horses








Me in the picture in the Great Hall of Mirrors






























4 thoughts on “Paris, At Last: Part II Versailles

  1. Large metropolis like Paris, London, New York, Tokyo, or Hong Kong are too big to see in only one trip., It would take at least one to three months to get an idea of the personality of such gargantuan urban areas. Your pictures and descriptions of the venues was awesome, in search of a better word. Thank you so much for sharing.

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