Paris, At Last


As my first post, let me just say I’m eager to embark on this new endeavor. I really hope I do an amazing job writing and posting whatever it is that’s in my head, heart and closet.

What better way to start a first post than to write about the most beautiful and romantic city on earth, Paris! I have always wanted to go to Paris my entire life and finally got the chance 2 years ago. After many months of planning, we (me and my old man) finally arrived and hit the ground running. We hit nearly every major touristy spot in Paris: we went to the Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, and then some-we even got to travel a little ways outside Paris to see the infamous Chateau de Versailles.

While I’ve seen Paris in movies and pictures, to be there was so surreal-I kept having to pinch myself constantly to be sure I wasn’t dreaming. Paris stunned me beyond belief! The city of love absolutely inspired me with its charming corner cafes, beautiful ornate buildings, opulent palaces and grand historic museums, the old but familiar french bistros, the boulangeries and the macaroon filled patisseries, gorgeous fountains, amazing landmarks and breathtaking views-even the long strolls along the seine were refreshing. Walking through this magnificent city, there is a feeling of possibility-the possibility of something amazing happening, perhaps meeting a french stranger and start chatting like the beginning of a cheesy french film. Or maybe it’s just simply that Paris makes you feel alive. The energy is electric. That feeling I used to get living in New York. I had the most incredible week of my life in Paris! It was a dream come true that I got to experience this wonderful place!

Now, before I unleash the flood of snaps that we took, I just want to say thank you Paris for showing me to how to live and let loose.

Paris, you have captured my heart fully and completely.

Sincerely, travel bug

Stay tuned for Paris Part 2







F21: Old Blazer, Old Black button up, Old Skinny White jeans, Sunnies|Sandals: Not sure










H&M Blouse|F21 Floral Pants,White Mini Cross body, Sunnies













8 thoughts on “Paris, At Last

  1. Wonderful pictures. Thank you for posting them. Just amazing. Look forward to seeing how your new endeavor goes. I always enjoy your posts. So this should be interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much Catherine!
    I had such a great time traveling and hope to keep posting for a long time, It’s so much fun!!!!
    Sorry for the late reply, I’m getting in the flow of blogging now, LOL.
    Write me anytime, talk soon xoxo


  3. Great pix of Paris – familiar icons from unusual angles makes me look at them with new eyes. Thanks for following my blog – will be posting pix of Paris from my latest trip over the next month or so…


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